The Library as a Facilitator: How Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Can Aid Developing Nations

I recently wrote an article that was published in the Serials Librarian Journal. It looks at Bitcoin as an application of Blockchain and how libraries can help facilitate this technology to aid developing nations. This ranges from holding charities accountable for thier financial activity to empowering women to work and be paid even if they don't have a traditional bank account or live in remote areas.

Take a look at the abstract and then click on the link at the bottom for access to the publisher webpage.

This article considers Bitcoin as a system of exchange, and the block chain technology it is built on, in the context of supporting developing nations. If integrated correctly Bitcoin could have far reaching applications, from tackling corruption to empowering women. This article found Bitcoin to be a feasible option, with support from real world applications and global endorsement from users. The discussion is then applied in the context of corruption as it puts forward this emerging technology as an alternative to traditional centralised fiscal systems. The article posits that public libraries could be potential facilitators and a crucial component of this integration.

KEYWORDS: Bitcoin, blockchain, developing nations, library and information science, public access

DOI: 10.1080/0361526X.2017.1374229

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